New: Creates a new file. If a file is already open, clicking this option will close it.

Open: Displays a window so that you can select the file you want to open.

Close: Closes the file currently open.

Save: Saves the file with the same name and in the same format.

Save As: Saves the file with a different file name and in the format that you choose.

Save Selection As: Saves the currently selected portion of the audio file as a separate file in the chosen format.

Audio Information: Opens a window displaying information on the currently loaded file. You can add or change the information. Any additions or changes you make are saved with the audio file and can be read by audio software when opened in the future.


Audio Editor Setup: Sets the color, visualization, and visibility.
Reload New File After Save As: Sets an option that causes the audio file to be re-opened in the Audio Editor window as soon as you save the file.

Exit: Closes the Audio Editor.