New: Creates a new file. If a file is already open, clicking this option will close it.

Open: Displays a window so that you can select the file you want to open.

Save: Saves the file with the same name and in the same format.

Record CD: Select to burn an audio CD.

Erase CD-RW: Deletes all the contents of a CD-RW disc.

Auto-Eject CD on Completion: Ejects the disk after the burn process completes.

Cache/Decode Files Locally: Stores or decodes the files on your hard drive before recording the files to CD-ROM.

Enable Burn-Proof Mode: Protects the CD from being overwritten. Eliminates the possibility of buffer
underrun errors and other recording problems.

Important - Not all CD-recordable drives support this feature.

Enable High-Compatibility Mode: Causes the burning engine to use a mode that offers the highest compatibility with burner drives. This setting is not recommended for most people because the default method provides increased performance and precision, but the option is available for anyone that has an older drive that may not support a query command from the default method.

Enable Test Mode: Causes Blaze Media Pro to simulate writing to disc in such a way that it is almost exactly the same as if the data was actually written, but without actually writing anything to the disc. This can be used to test the current project for those who wish to ensure everything will complete 100% smoothly with the settings/files/etc. defined before actually writing the disc.

Use Disc-at-Once Mode: By default, the audio CD recorder feature of Blaze Media Pro uses the track-at-once mode of CD burning. With this mode, each time a track is finished burning, the laser recording the information stops. When it stops, two run-out blocks of data are written.

After that, one link block and four run-in blocks are written when the next track begins to record. The result is a two-second gap between audio tracks. With the disc-at-once mode of CD burning, the data from all tracks is burned at once in a single large block. No gaps are added between tracks as the laser never stops burning the data to disc.

Eject CD: Ejects the CD when the recording process is finished.

Close Tray: Inserts the CD into the computer by closing the tray.

Exit: Closes the window.