CDDB believes in protecting consumer privacy. We have spent a great deal of time and effort designing the CDDB 2 Disc Recognition Service SM (“CDDB 2 Service”) that you can use with trust and confidence. The purpose of this privacy statement is to let you know how we use information that you may share with us.

Please note that this is our privacy policy for our CDDB 2 Service. We have separate privacy policies for the CDDB Web Site, and the CDDB1 Service. These are accessible from the Main Privacy Page.

CDDB 2 introduces many new exciting features requested by both developers and end users like you that allow personalization of the information delivered to you, while allowing you to remain anonymous, letting you control your level of participation and the information you provide, and adding security features to protect your information.

Registration and Requested Information

When you register with the CDDB 2 Service, we ask you for general information about yourself, such as zip or country code, email address, sex, and age range, that is helpful in gathering aggregate statistics, and for delivering personalized content. For example, if you supply a zip code, we may use it to collect aggregate statistics about what music fans are playing in your part of the country, or to provide personalized tour information based on the city in which you live, but neither CDDB nor anyone will use your zip code to try to send you mail at home or identify you personally. All information requested is optional, except for a “nickname” you choose, and a password to give you exclusive access to change or delete your information at any time.

Identifying Information

The CDDB 2 Service uses a unique identifier to track queries for statistical purposes (see Data Aggregation below) and to allow personalization features (see Personalized Content below). This is a number that CDDB assigns to you at random when you register. (A numeric identifier is sometimes called a Globally Unique Identifier, or GUID. However, there are many different uses of GUIDs, some benign and some controversial, in the industry.) CDDB does not generate this number from any hardware identifier (such as an IP address) or any other information that can be traced back to you or the computer you are using. The purpose of a randomly assigned numeric identifier is to allow the CDDB to count queries without knowing anything about who you are other than the information you choose to provide when you register, and which you can delete at any time.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We do not disclose your individual information to any other company. You should be aware, however, that it is possible that we might be required to make disclosure, for example in response to court orders or in governmental investigations.

Use of Email Address

There are two reasons we might use an email address you provide during registration: administration, and our mailing list. Administrative email includes such things as emailing you a password hint if you forget your registration password, or diagnosing a problem if you submit a change to the data for a CD. In addition, with your permission we may occasionally use your email address to send you special offers and promotions. During registration, or at any time afterward, you can choose not to be on our mailing list, either by turning this feature off in your registration options, or by following a simple reply instruction in any email we send.

Customized Content

When you look up an album, the CDDB 2 Service uses information about the album to customize the content, advertisements, and other promotions displayed in applications that use the CDDB 2 Service. CDDB does this without referring to any personal information.

Personalized Content

Our technology can do personalized “targeting” of content, advertisements, and other promotions without disclosing any of your personal information to anyone outside CDDB. With your permission we may use information you have provided to us, such as registration information or other albums you have looked up, to personalize the content you see or hear. During registration, or at any time afterward, you can choose to turn off this personalized service.

Removal of Personal Data

You can always change your mind about the information you choose to provide and the personalization options you select. By bringing up the “CDDB Registration” command from any CDDB 2 -enabled application, you can update or clear the registration information, including any email address, you have provided.

Data Aggregation

CDDB collects aggregate statistics on which music and artists are most commonly identified by users with the CDDB 2 Service. (“Aggregate statistics” means “group statistics” such as the CDDB Top Ten, not individual statistics about your personal use of the service.) Besides posting these statistics for you and other fans to enjoy, CDDB may publish or share this aggregate information with other companies. This aggregate data, by its CDDB 2 SDK License and Database Access Agreement (Rev.1-8-00301) Page 15 of 16 nature, will not reveal the identity of our users. We also use aggregate data to help us improve our servers and other components of the CDDB 2 Service.

Policy Changes

If we decide to make changes in our policies regarding consumer privacy, we post them on our Web site at If you have questions or comments about our policy, please email us at

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