You may purchase AudioEdit Deluxe securely online or by postal mail or fax. The price for registration is $ 40.00.  Once the software is purchased, the 15-day trial period is removed, and the software does not expire.


In order to purchase, you must provide Mystik Media with the Product ID. The Product ID can be found on the bottom left corner of the AudioEdit Deluxe Registration dialog box. To access this dialog box, click Help > Purchase.

You can purchase the software using several different methods:

Credit card online
Printable online mail/fax form
Postal mail

Upgrading AudioEdit Deluxe

If you're an existing licensed user of a previous major version, you can upgrade your current license to the newest version of AudioEdit Deluxe for $25.00. For an upgrade, click

Using AudioEdit Deluxe on More than One Computer

The software's license is for a single computer. If you'd like to use the software on an additional computer, while keeping AudioEdit Deluxe on the current computer, you may upgrade your license (for $25) to support this from When ordering, supply the Product ID from the new computer.

Transferring AudioEdit Deluxe to Another Computer

Take the following steps:

1.On the computer that has the original license for AudioEdit Deluxe, click Help > Transfer License.
2.A message box appears asking you if you want to proceed with the process. If you click No, nothing happens. If you click Yes, an e-mail is generated in your default e-mail software.
3.Open the e-mail. The e-mail contains a license transfer approval code and instructions on how to proceed.
4.Enter the Product ID from the new computer into the body of the e-mail.


You can get the Product ID by opening AudioEdit Deluxe on the new computer and clicking Help > Purchase.
5.Send the e-mail. Mystik Media will then send an e-mail to you that contains the activation code for the new computer.
6.On the new computer, click Help > Purchase and enter the activation code.